Mark Mark Freed, Technology Director

Versatile technology leader, technical architect, and developer with over 10 years experience in a wide variety of technologies, platforms, and methodologies

Extensive experience in full SDLC projects, including development, technical design, prototyping and proof-of-concepts, deployment, performance/load testing, and mentoring junior developers

Experienced in using industry best practices, SOLID design principles, and common Design patterns (singleton, facade, strategy, etc) to create application architectures and development frameworks that ensure consistent, repeatable results from development teams

Specialized in developing and designing enterprise web applications and SOA using ASP.Net MVC, C# and Sql Server

Experienced with data modeling, query construction, and performance tuning using query structure and index in Sql Server 2005, 2008, and 2012

Additional areas of experience include cloud development utilizing Amazon AWS technologies, light management of Windows, IIS, and DNS using scripting and related APIs such as WMI and ADSI, Windows Forms programming, and MS Office plugin development.

SOA, SOLID, OOD, Design Patterns

Smita Smita Pattan, Recruiting Manager

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