Tech Pundits

We are a group of technology experts bringing a diverse range of experiences to drive technology excellence for our partners. Each team member adheres to the 3Cs of capability, character, and culture.

Our Values

Capability Our capabilities are the catalyst for transforming your vision into reality‚Äč.
Character We embrace the personal values of our team and the values of your business‚Äč.
Culture Our team seamlessly integrates into your culture, fostering collaboration and alignment to deliver exceptional results.

What do We Do?

Project Delivery

We work with you to understand your goals, then execute on your vision.

Team Building

The right people at the right time. With a detailed understanding of your requirements, we handpick individuals with the precise skill sets and expertise to complement your team seamlessly. An ongoing training pipeline ensures that an uninterrupted flow of talent is available for your projects.

Managed Services

A dependable partner. You focus on your business needs; we'll focus on keeping you up and running.

Offshore and Nearshore

With our global presence, we help you access talented staff from wherever they might be.

What problems do we solve

Tech Strategy

Many businesses struggle with identifying the right technologies that align with their needs. We will help you define a plan that fits your business needs, then bring it to life.

Talent Gap

Identifying and securing top tech talent remains a significant challenge for many companies. Recruiting costs soar and time-to- hire increases, causing disruptions in project timelines and hindering business growth. Like assembling a specialized task force, we meticulously select team members based on their unique skill sets, experiences, and compatibility with the project's objectives.


Despite having a strategic vision for integrating technology, businesses often face obstacles when executing these plans. Let us help you build your vision.

Capacity Shortfalls

Businesses often encounter fluctuations in workload or specific projects that demand additional resources for a limited period.


Technology & Domains

The list is long and varied, but selected examples of what we can do are included here.


  • Azure & AWS
  • Java & .NET Development UI
  • ReactJS
  • JavaScript


  • Telecom
  • Property & Casualty Insurance


  • Agile
  • DevOps
  • Kanban

Tech Pundits

Our org is set up to ensure technical excellence and maximum agility. From our strategic direction to the technologists working with you, every team member is focused on results without interruption.

The Team

Leadership Tech Pundits founders and strategists.
Expertise In-house technical liaisons in development, cloud engineering, UI, and more that support the staff in the field.
Client Relations Your primary touchpoint, making sure things are moving as expected.
Staff Our agility: Technical expertise that scales up and down as needed.? Ask us about our “shadows” and how they help you avoid interruptions.

Partner Community

Join our growing ranks of satisfied partners.

Success Stories

"We have partnered with Tech Pundits for over 5 years now. Their team of over 15+ staff members located on site has been a key component of our success. We greatly value this longstanding relationship and look forward to many more years of collaboration and shared achievements."


"Tech Pundits has provided multiple Java, mobile, and full stack web development staff for a variety of engagements in our organization. Their talent pool of skilled professionals has significantly contributed to our projects, and they have consistently shown the ability to match our needs with quality expertise."


"Working with Tech Pundits has made a big difference for our software projects. Their ability to quickly onboard 15+ Offshore and 10+ Onsite developers across diverse skill sets within just 12 months was truly remarkable."


"Tech Pundits built a team with a wide variety of backgrounds, specializing in IOT, AWS cloud native development, Dev ops and UX skills. Their ability to delivery top talent in these cutting-edge fields has significantly enhanced our project outcomes. Looking forward to continuing our relationship."



Lake Farrington Plaza II
1592 US-130, #310
North Brunswick Township, NJ 08902.

Phone: +16099129444


Mahalakshmi Chambers, 29,
Next to Trinity Metro Station
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

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